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       Auctions are the quickest and most effective way of selling real and personal property at a fair market value. You set the time, place and terms of the sale and the buyers will bid against one another to establish the price.

       Personal Property:  We will start by meeting with you to explain the auction process and determine if an auction is right for you. After this we will take care of all of the sorting and moving of personal property and the advertising of your Auction. Using the combined experience and knowledge of our staff we will begin a marketing campaign custom suited to your property. By using local print media, flyers, cards, signs and internet advertising we strive to make sure your items are exposed to interested buyers everywhere.

            Real Estate:  Selling real estate at auction is a one of the best ways to sell property quickly for a fair market value without having to negotiate price, closing cost or repairs. Selling your property “As Is” at an auction allows you to write the sales contract that the buyer will sign. This contract will be a non-negotiable contract that does not include any contigencies on financing, inspection, condition, or repairs. The buyer pays all closing cost except for Title insurance and taxes.